“These Four Important Books Leading the Effort to Save Our Democracy”

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Latest Headlines

Ethical Markets highly recommends these four important books:

  • Congressman Adam Schiff’s, “Midnight in America“
  • Dr. Fiona Hill’s, “There’s Nothing for You Here“
  • Lt. Col. Alexander Vinman’s “Here, Right Matters“
  • Malcolm Nance’s, “The Plot to Hack America“

As one who chose to be an American citizen, naturalized in 1963, I share these authors’ warnings about preserving our democratic institutions in my beloved adopted country.



Congressman Schiff lays out the steps we must take as citizens to save our country from sliding into autocracy, as a member of the bipartisan Select Committee on the January 6th insurrection, which came close to obstructing the orderly transition of power we cherish.  He identifies in detail how the voting rights of US citizens are being eroded in our states and calls for passing the voting rights bills  as soon as possible.




Dr. Fiona Hill, as an expert on Russian on the National Security Council in several Administrations, called out Donald Trump in Congressional testimony on his impeachment hearings.  She also deeply understands the reasons why would-be “strongmen“ like Trump and Vladimir Putin can incentivize followers and growing populist resentments of those who have been left behind in the financialization of globalization which ignores the needs of people in many countries hurt by these policies.



 Lt. Col. Alexander Vinman’s testimony at Trump/s impeachment hearings inspired a nation.  Immigrants like me were moved to tears.





“Malcolm Nance was actually ahead of everyone in his “The Plot to Hack America“, which proved to be the most prophetic.  I read it in 2016 and knew that electing Trump would be inviting a slow motion coup d’etat, such as is now becoming evident in the testimony to the Select Committee on the  January 6th insurrection which almost stopped the peaceful transfer of presidential power for the first time in US history.”


All these courageous servant-leaders need wider audiences, if we are to pass the Voting Rights bill and work to save our democratic privileges for our children and grandchildren.

Hazel Henderson, Editor“