This is a fork in the road moment

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance, Community Development Solutions, SRI/ESG News


COVID-19 is a public health crisis of a magnitude we have not experienced in our lifetimes. It is exposing the depravity of a system that is designed for the wealthy and powerful, at the expense of everyone else’s health and safety. This economy — which has always failed working people and marginalized communities — is fragile and buckling under the weight of people’s urgent needs in this moment.

For now, we want to share some actions, resources and reflections from NEC members on this moment:

Still there is much left for us to do. This crisis is just beginning to unfold and we cannot ignore the crisis of the system for another day.

In moments like this, things that had been considered impossible or “too expensive” can become common sense: the Great Depression birthed the original New Deal. But progress is by no means guaranteed: the Wall Street bailouts followed the 2008 recession.

This is a fork in the road moment and those in power want nothing more than to return to “normal,” a status quo that was already failing millions. They will work tirelessly to prevent transformation that challenges their power over the system. We must stop them.

Our work now is to fight like hell for the transformative changes that our communities need. This is work NEC members are uniquely positioned to do, because we’ve already been doing it.

The need has always been there. Now, even as we face the tragic losses of this moment, we have a chance to take a massive leap forward — toward a new economy.

Let’s come together like our lives depend on it.

Stay tuned for more from us in the coming weeks as we move together to figure out what this work looks like. We will be listening deeply to what’s needed from NEC in this moment, and we want to hear from you. Use to send us your thoughts!

In the meantime, may we face the unknown of tomorrow, knowing that we’re all in this together. Be safe.

In solidarity, always,

The NEC staff team