ThinkEco Thinks Beyond the Smart Plug

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ThinkEco Thinks Beyond the Smart Plug
The Modlet is a media darling, but ThinkEco has far bigger plans for its software.

The Home Energy Doctor Goes Mobile and Connected
Ecova and Aclara promise technology that connects home energy auditors to the smart grid while they’re at your house—and afterwards.

Greentech Startups Require Gravity-Bending CEOs
At a TiE Energy event, venture capitalists preach patience and discipline.

Hydrovolts Finds Current Energy Where It Wasn’t Possible Before
Veolia will back plan to capture micro-hydropower bubbling up out of wastewater treatment plants

What Are the Santorum, Romney and Gingrich Plans for Energy in the US?
We add Santorum’s energy policy ideas to the mix.

Fisker Halts Work, Lays off Workers as It Renegotiates DOE Loan
Company reveals it hasn’t been able to tap its $529 million DOE loan since May.

Bankrupt Beacon Finds Buyer for Flywheel Energy Storage
Can the private equity firm that’s buying Beacon’s assets revive its flywheel energy storage dreams?

Happy Birthday, Greentech Media!
If you’ll allow us a little self-indulgence…

Inside Honeywell’s Lawsuit Against Nest Labs
Could the thermostat giant’s lawsuit against its high-tech thermostat startup rival have a broader impact on the industry?

Honeywell Seeking to Halt Sales of Nest Labs’ Thermostat
Apple design magic might not remake the home thermostat experience—or prevent patent battles.

Verdeeco: The iTunes of Smart Grid Apps?
Verdeeco says it can turn tons of grid data into actionable intelligence for utilities that can’t afford multimillion-dollar enterprise systems.

California’s Grid System Operator Confronts the Prospect of 33 Percent Renewables by 2020
The ISO CEO’s five-year plan has four simple components—and they may require fossil fuels.

Multinationals Invade Scotland for Offshore Wind Wealth
Samsung follows Mitsubishi and Gamesa to a place where ocean winds will be big money.

GM Releases Smart Grid APIs for Chevy Volt, via OnStar
General Motors wants developers to program plug-in Volts for the smart grid.