Thin Film PV Firm HelioVolt in Discussion to be Acquired

kristy Greentech

Thin Film PV Firm HelioVolt in Discussion to be Acquired
CIGS thin film PV company soon to close a deal with a powerhouse strategic partner.

PV Materials Roundup: New GTM Research Report Highlights Recent Vendor Trends
Findings from GTM’s latest research report, plus news from 5N Plus and Corning.

Off Grid Solar Makes Some Questionable Claims
The solar industry faces enough challenges without the inflated claims of dubious manufacturers and installers.

MIxed Greens: LinkedIn Alum Joins Sungevity; Will $5 a Gallon Make the U.S. Panic?
Also, a proposal for funding solar projects.

Cathy Zoi, Others, Depart Department of Energy
The latest departures mark a flurry of exits from Washington.

WSJ Bigotry, Lies and Abuse of Power or a “Range Fiasco”?
Mr. Khosla comes out swinging at the Wall Street Journal’s take on Range Fuels and biofuels.

Mixed Greens: The Tax Factor in Solyndra’s New Roof; Google Going to DC Power?
Also: EPRI says smart meters are safe.

Fisker Charges Up With $150M for Luxury EV
A strong valuation for the luxury hybrid electric vehicle.