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• March 16th, 2014 •

Happy Sunday, All!

Welcome to our Weekly Review. Each week I curate the top investment crowdfunding news from around the web. My promise to you: quality over quantity, always. You can subscribe here.

From The Cafe

Getting Smart on Payment Solutions for Crowdinvesting Markets
Great insights from Bancbox’s Vineet Mathur.

Platform Database
We added 10 new platforms to our database this week, all real estate. Many, many more to go and we’ll be improving each profile along the way.

I sat down with the CEOs of EarlyShares, SeedInvest and Nasdaq Private Market. Interviews to be posted this week!

On to this week’s news 🙂


Carlton Group Entered Launched a Real Estate Platform: The platform still appears to be in beta, with many listings called “testing.” Carlton’s move represents a sizable incumbent player moving downstream and into the accredited crowdfunding markets. It’s far too early to tell but something to keep an eye on as more incumbents follow suit: will they build (as Carlton has) or will they buy?

I’m actually leaning towards the latter. I think we’ll see M&A activity tick up meaningfully as the market matures and liquidity scales. Running a successful online marketplace ain’t easy. And for incumbents I don’t believe it will be as linear as taking existing deal flow and simply moving it online: relationships, communications and branding have to be methodically managed; capital is no longer captive; transparency erodes legacy informational competitive advantages; and winning investor trust goes from a once-in-a-decade exercise to an every-single-day thing.

Disclosure Dragon launched: aims to cut compliance costs in crowdfunding transactions 
Enterprise activity here: the brainchild of a division of global law firm, Seyfarth Shaw. DisclosureDragon intends to reduce compliance costs in investment crowdfunding raises by automating key legal and compliance tasks, such as the drafting of a private placement memorandum (PPM). It’s currently testing its application in beta with Healthcare platform, Poliwogg.

Australian Jobs Board Platform CareerOne announced plans to move into crowdfunding through strategic partnerships.
Yah, I know, this is soft. And perhaps shouldn’t warrant coverage. But I found it interesting given the nature of a non-crowdfunding platform looking to monetize its existing network through crowdfunding. (Personally, I’m bearish on the prospects.) To note: CareerOne is not launching a platform, but a “crowdfunding feature,” and will partner with existing platforms in Australia.



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