The World Future Society transformation has begun: An autumn letter from WFS CEO Amy Zalman

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October 10, 2014

Dear Fellow Futurists,


I hope that your autumn has started happily. 


Here at the World Future Society, we have been busy laying the groundwork for a multi-year transformation of our organization into the world’s premiere platform for nurturing and empowering futurists. 


Today, I’m writing to share with you the exciting changes we have underway to engage the next generation of futurists.


New Chairman of the Board, Eric Meade


The World Future Society (WFS) has a new Board of Directors Chair, Eric Meade. Eric, 40, brings to the position his diverse experiences in the U.S. and Asia as a professional futurist, businessman, entrepreneur and naval officer. Currently, as a principal at Expotential Consulting, LLC, he works as an executive coach and futurist in the health, human services and human development sectors.


Eric and I will work closely together in the coming year to ensure that WFS sustains its heritage as a strong advocate for the futurist community, while seeking to engage a wider a constituency. As Eric puts it, “WFS has a proud legacy and an amazing network of dedicated members and friends. We have an opportunity to build upon this legacy by engaging a much larger group of people, especially younger generations, in a proactive and thoughtful exploration of the future.”


Generational Global Advisory Council

As the World Future Society continues to expand, it is more important than ever to ensure all generations are included in the future of the organization. It is with that in mind that WFS has created a new group, the Generational Global Advisory Council (GGAC). The GGAC is made up of 14 young, industry-leading members, each volunteering their passion and vision towards bringing the WFS into the future.

“Foresight must be our compass, or we are doomed to stumble over foreseeable mistakes. In this time of both enormous challenge and exciting innovation, the WFS is more important than ever,” commented GGAC member, Evan Faber, Futurist and Entrepreneur.

I am proud to have the brainpower of the GGAC helping the WFS transform for the future. GGAC members have already proven to be an invaluable resource and I look forward to their contribution in the modernization of the organization.


First College Chapter


The World Future Society is pleased to announce its first university chapter, established at Yale University this fall,thanks to the energy and commitment of its founder, Keni Sabath.  


Keni, the President of the organization, is a junior double-majoring in American Studies and Political Science, and has been working toward a better future since high school, when she advocated for a nuclear weapons-free future for the international organization Global Zero. At Yale, Keni has served as President of the Global Zero Chapter, Secretary and Executive Board member of the Yale Political Union and President of the Sir Thomas More Weekly Lecture Series. 


“Yalies–and college students more broadly–are some of the most idealistic, ambitious, and future-thinking people whom I know. I want our college chapter to equip students with the tools of strategic foresight and methods of anticipatory thinking which they, in turn, can apply to pursuits in their fields such as issue advocacy, technology and innovation, government intelligence, and various academic disciplines,” says Keni.


The World Future Society looks forward to working closely with the Yale Chapter to develop activities, speaker events and conferences designed to serve the interests of the next generation of futurists.


San Francisco Conference in July — Registrations Going Fast!


Last, but far from least, I am delighted to report that our annual conference, WorldFuture 2015, is on track to be our most successful ever.  We are working hard to guarantee that this year’s conference will continue to offer great networking and strong intellectual content, while introducing a more experiential, high energy and altogether fabulous opportunity to connect with the global futurist community.


Even better, WorldFuture 2015 will be in the heart San Francisco, arguably the most innovative and future-minded city in the world right now.  


If you haven’t registered to join us from July 24-26, now is the time to do it! Register now and you will receive $300 off the conference rate.  This rate is only good through October 31, so if you would like to join us next summer, this is a great time to commit.


(To register for the San Francisco conference: CLICK HERE). 


I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco this summer, and in the future.


Warm regards,




Amy Zalman, Ph.D.

CEO & President

World Future Society


[email protected]


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