The Story of Broke

Ethical Markets Green Prosperity, Reforming Global Finance

We’re super excited to share  the first video teaser for The Story of Broke with you!

We designed this short preview of our new movie to express solidarity with the inspiring Occupy Wall Street movement that is spreading to Main Streets around the world.

Like the Occupy movement, we believe that our government’s actions — including what parts of the economy it subsidizes with our tax dollars — should reflect the will of the many, rather than just the wishes of a few big corporations.

Instead of handing out tax breaks to Big Oil and bailouts to Big Banks, we should be making investments in clean, green solutions — renewable energy, safer chemicals and materials, zero waste and more — that can deliver jobs AND a healthier environment.

Please help us build the buzz for the November 8th release of The Story of Broke by sharing the teaser with friends, family and colleagues today.

And make sure you sign up for the Community of Action we’re building around The Story of Broke , even if you’re already on our list. Each month, we’ll ask you to get behind a critical campaign, participate in an event, or even help create a cooperative art project, all with the goal of winning investments in a better future. Sign up here now!

Many thanks for all your support and mark your calendar forThe Story of Broke on November 8th!



Annie, Michael, Allison, Christina and Renee
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