The significance of the Build Back Better campaign, voting rights, and more

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“Ethical Markets fully supports our ASBC and Social Venture Circle colleagues and urges our friends to join in signing these Letters in supporting Biden’s “Build Back Better“ investments in strengthening our families, lowering costs for average people’s vital health, education and environmental quality, while also shifting toward renewable energy and addressing the climate crises we face.

Time for “trickle -up“ economics now that “trickle-down“ has failed for decades! The $3.5 trillion is over 10 years, is fully paid for and is only about 1% of total US GDP growth over these next ten years.  The paybacks in jobs and prosperity make it the most important investment in America since the New Deal!

Hazel Henderson, Editor“


Build Back Better Campaign 

ASBC has stood tall in our support of the Build Back Better Act since the very beginning. To demonstrate why it is so significant to our members and to a just, sustainable, and healthy economy, we developed a sign on letter for businesses to show their support and more than 400 businesses signed on within the first few days. And more companies continue to sign on. The White House recognized our campaign in a press release on September 27, which included this quote from ASBC CEO and co-founder Jeffrey Hollender, “Companies are seriously concerned about climate change and its impact on American businesses, and those which signed on recognize the necessity and urgency of this bill. With it will come the investments needed to build back better, and it includes adequate and appropriate means to fund it as proposed. It’s absurd that any pro-business group which purports to represent the interests of American businesses would not be unequivocally supportive unless they were more concerned with their own short-term gains than the survival of our planet and future generations.”

With the support of businesses we are showing a collective front to government leaders, as well as to the community. The Build Back Better Act will create jobs in sectors that need further development, such as renewable energy, cut taxes for most, and will also help working families with childcare, and other necessities. It will benefit everyone in the work environment, and will help the economy grow in the direction we and our environment need it to grow. It will push our economy to the next level and make for safer work environments, especially for those with families, as well as women, and minorities.

To encourage more businesses to join, ASBC created an advertising campaign within a matter of days to emphasize the urgency with which Congress should act. The campaign focuses on climate change and includes an image of fires that was used for the West coast, and an image with flooding for the East. This campaign is raising awareness of the impending climate crisis and the opportunity for American businesses to voice their support for legislative action to fight climate change.

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