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Well-being gets political boost

Politicians, journalists and senior civil servants have praised nef for our pioneering work on well-being measurement, after a new report was released last month.

Measuring Our Progress sets out how well-being data can start to transform politics, by making politicians accountable to what actually matters in people’s lives. The report was published to coincide with the meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Well-being Economics in the Houses of Parliament.

As the Office for National Statistics prepares to measure the UK’s well-being in next month’s Integrated Household Survey, nef is celebrating a major campaign success. We’re now working hard on ways to imbed well-being data into the policymaking process, so that it has a real effect on the decisions taken by government.

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The hidden subsidy to British banks

The fat cats are getting a cosy deal, according to new research by nef. Not content with getting trillions of pounds of public money in the bail-outs, it seems that Britain’s financial sector is benefitting from a range of implicit taxpayer subsidies totalling at least £30bn a year.

Our new report, Feather-bedding Financial Services, details the ways in which banks are effectively supported by taxpayers from the ?too-big-to-fail? subsidy – the guarantee that taxpayers will underwrite the banks if they get into trouble – to the ?make-the-customer-pay? subsidy from low interest rates .

nef believes that the time has come for a Great Transition to a fair, sustainable and resilient financial system. Sign up to our campaign, and help us bring that change about.

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