The Green Economy Barometer

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Beyond GDP

We at ethical markets are members of the Green Economy Coalition and are happy to  present this new Green Economy Barometer which complements our own Green Transition Scoreboard® , which measures private investments worldwide since 2007,  Hazel Henderson, editor

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How are governments, north and south, responding to the ‘green economy’? Is the opportunity of ‘green growth’ appealing to communities as well as corporates? Is the emerging global green economy ‘architecture’ capable of delivering a better outcome for people and planet?


In our latest report, The Green Economy Barometer, now out for consultation, the Green Economy Coalition and IIED take a quick look at who is doing what, where and why.

Produced for a three day conference on ‘real green economies’ at Wilton Park, the report describes the emerging green economy landscape. It finds that governments, businesses, investors and others are embracing the ‘green economy’ concept, but differences in the way that they interpret it pose barriers to sustainable development.


“The green economy concept is an antidote to the prevailing brown economy, which is a major driver of environmental degradation and inequality,” says Oliver Greenfield Convenor of the Green Economy Coalition. “Its purpose is to improve both society and the natural environment. Right now though, the most powerful players are backing a narrower goal of ‘green growth’, which risks being discredited unless it more effectively tackles inequality.”


The report outlines ways to bridge this and other gaps that could jeopardise the transition towards inclusive, sustainable development.


Do check it out, and let us know what you think.


Many thanks