The Great Wall Street Slumber Party

Jay Owen The Power of Yin

The Great Wall Street Slumber Party

Dear Readers,

Thanks to all of you entrepreneurs, visionaries, financiers, bankers, legislators, tax, legal and regulatory experts who came together this past year to institute colossal Wall Street reform. When historians look back on the 2012, it will be recognized as the year that not only laid the foundation for the next period of economic expansion, but gave rise to a new era of capital consciousness.

NowStreet began last year with the privilege of introducing a new crowd-investing methodology to the Wall Street establishment at its premiere industry conference on January 23rd in NYC. The event, which was headlined byCongressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC), author of the initial crowdfunding bill, brought together many of today’s principal crowdfunding leaders for the very first time and led to the eventual formation of two of the industry’s leadership organizations, CFIRA and CfPA.

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