the Globalist: Systematically Silencing America

Jay OwenGlobal Citizen

September 25, 2013

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New Features

Systematically Silencing America

Stephan Richter | How Republicans and their allies deal with America’s real problems such as gun violence.

The Social Cost of U.S. Guns

In Focus | How much does the United States spend each year on gun injuries, crimes and consequences?

Profiting from Failure at BlackBerry

Beat Guldimann | How much longer can we tolerate misguided compensation packages for corporate executives?

Food Stamp Nation

In Focus | Is it really a surprise that the U.S. poor need support from programs like food stamps?

In case you missed it

Weakened West or Triumph of Democracy?

Stephan Richter | In a triumph of Western democracy, the interventionist impulses of US and UK are cut down to size.

The Republican War on the Poor

Carl Bindenagel | How credible are the Republicans claims that they support the poor?

Pope Francis Vs. Putin

Alexei Bayer | Who can U.S. archconservatives now rely on to defend traditional values?