the Globalist: Part I: Meet the Transformers

Jay Owen Global Citizen

August 27, 2013

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“Young Globalists:” The Complete Series

How Young People Transform the World

Part I: Meet the Transformers

Joseph Quinlan | Who are the faces of the rising global middle class?

Part II: The Road Ahead

Joseph Quinlan | As global economic activity shifts from the West, how will it change the world?

Part III: Coming of Age in a New China

Joseph Quinlan | How is life different for young Chinese, compared with their parents’ upbringing?

Part IV: Malling It In Moscow

Joseph Quinlan | Some young, cosmopolitan expats are returning to visit Russia often. Why?

Part V: The Rise of Africa

Joseph Quinlan | What pulls an educated Zambia native home from New York?

Part VI: Baptized by Fire in Brazil

Joseph Quinlan | What products are shaking up Brazil’s young consumer lifestyles?

Part VII: Dawn of the Internet in India

Joseph Quinlan | Has the status of women in India kept pace with other recent improvements?