The Globalist: How Young People Transform the World

Jay Owen Global Citizen

August 23, 2013

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How Young People Transform the World

The New Globalists: Meet the Transformers

Joseph Quinlan | Who are the faces of the rising global middle class?

The New Globalists: The Road Ahead

Joseph Quinlan | As global economic activity shifts from the West, how will it change the world?

The New Globalists: Coming of Age in a New China

Joseph Quinlan | How is life different for young Chinese, compared with their parents’ upbringing?

Coming Soon

The New Globalists of Russia, Africa, Brazil and India.

The Globalist Book of the Week

The Locust and The Bee

Geoff Mulgan | Princeton University Press | 2013

In case you missed it

Japan and Weimar

Kenneth Courtis | How are Japanese nationalists trying to change the constitution “without anyone noticing”?

How Competitive is the U.S.?

Globalist Quiz | Americans like to think of their country as the top-ranked nation on many accounts. But does the perception match the reality?

Education for Collaboration and Creativity

Geoff Mulgan | Did the industrial era prepare us badly for the 21st century collaborative economy?

What Is the Ultimate Goal for Economic Life?

Geoff Mulgan | In the new economy, will time will be valued more than money? (From our Book of the Week: “The Locust and The Bee”)


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