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February 2013 • Special

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How to Make a Mind

By Ray Kurzweil

Can nonbiological brains have real minds of their own? In this article, drawn from his latest book, futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil describes the future of intelligence—artificial and otherwise.Read more.



Five Economies That Work: Global Success Stories

By Rick Docksai

Reining in taxes and spending may be the wrong prescription for what’s ailing the world’s economies. A few success stories—Israel, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Russia—illustrate how increased taxing and spending are adding bounties of new jobs and cutting poverty. The key is doing so wisely. Read more.

How Innovation Could Save the Planet

By Ramez Naam

Ideas may be our greatest natural resource, says a computer scientist and futurist. He argues that the world’s most critical challenges—including population growth, peak oil, climate change, and limits to growth—could be met by encouraging innovation. Read more.

Asimov’s Embarrassing Robot: A Futurist Fable

By Irving H. Buchen

As machines begin to learn and even to pursue higher knowledge, we may need to take another look at Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics. Read more.

Educating the Future: The End of Mediocrity

By Rob Bencini

Students facing uncertain future opportunities (but very certain debt loads) may increasingly turn away from private colleges and universities that offer little more than a diploma. Instead, they’ll seek more-affordable alternatives for higher education, both real and virtual. Read more.

Foresight as Dialogue

By Timothy C. Mack

As the world changes, we may need to modify our methods of forecasting to better make sense of change. Yet, we must not discard the still-relevant wisdom of the past. The president of the World Future Society lays out some rules of the road for forecasting that draw a middle path between inclusiveness and adaptation on one hand, and discretion and convention on the other. Read more.

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WorldFuture 2013: Exploring the Next Horizon

From THE FUTURIST Archives

Thriving in the Automated Economy

By Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Two management experts show why labor’s race against automation will only be won if we partner with our machines. They advise government regulators not to stand in the way of human–machine innovation. As seen on 60 Minutes. Read more.

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