The Future of Occupy – Our NEW Website & Magazine

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The Future of Occupy, which began as a simple website in October 2011 and launched the FoO newsletter in January of this year as a newsletter, has undergone a considerable transformation over the spring to re-emerge as a fully-fledged community platform and interactive electronic magazine. This process has been a joy as well as a learning experience, the culmination of which has seen a total upgrade to our website fit and ready for the next phase of Occupy, we hope you will enjoy navigating its pages!
To visit the new site Click HERE!..Read our Latest Magazine: “Occupying the Commons”..

The latest thematic issue explores the ideas and practices of the Commons following the landmark February 16-18th Making Worlds forum at Occupy Wall Street. It is this issue ‘Occupying the Commons” that represents the first fully fledged attempt at the magazine format!! In it we take a look at what it takes to withdraw together the legitimacy from systems of governance and ownership that don’t serve us anymore.
To Read our latest magazine Click HERE!..

Overall our prime motive as the FoO collective has been to create a more interactive—indeed, a more common space for supporting and enhancing the movement’s collaborative sense-making. We invite you to take a look and see what you think. Have an excellent summer and if you like what you see please actively support the project, promote it and participate in the next phase in The Future of Occupy as part of the ongoing evolution of the Commons and Occupy movements.