The Energy Collective: What Can We Learn From Germany’s Clean Energy Push? Free Webinar July 9

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Germany’s Clean Energy Push: What Can the World Learn?

Known as the Energiewende, or “energy change”, Germany’s campaign to move to renewable power is ambitious, massively popular at home, and by many accounts, quite successful. With 25% of Germany’s energy currently being sourced from solar, wind, and biomass generation and a target of 80% renewable by 2050 in place, the German energy economy is worth watching.

What can the rest of Europe, the U.S., and other nations learn from one wealthy nation’s aggressive clean energy push? Will Germany succeed in meeting its goals? Which are its biggest obstacles? And perhaps most importantly, can other nations replicate Germany’s most positive achievements?Join us as we ask:

  • What distinguishes Germany in terms of economics or political will that has made energiewende possible? Which nations have similar qualities?


  • What has been Germany’s most successful strategy in cleaning up its energy mix?


  • Is the decision to eliminate nuclear power after the Fukushima event consistent with Germany’s goals?


  • What could prevent other nations from adopting similar strategies?


Live, Free Webinar

July 9, 11am EST /5pm CET


Rainer Baake
Frmr. Deputy Minister of the German Federal Environmental Ministry



Dr. Sören Buttkereit
Vice President of regulatory strategies, Siemens Energy

ImageJesse Jenkins
MIT Energy Initiative Fellow, Energy Collective Manager

ImageStephanie Wang
Regulatory Policy Director, Clean Coalition