The End of Utilities?

kristy Resource Efficiency

The End of Utilities?
One industry veteran warns utilities that if they’re not contemplating their relevance in the future—they should be.

Networked Grid 2011: Is HAN Hosed?
Home Automation: the future or a figment? It’s one of the big topics next week at Networked Grid.

Amyris Moves Into Commercial Production Amid Biofuel Renaissance
Well, maybe it’s the Biofuel Reformation. The yeast are churning out synthetic oils.

Total to Take Controlling Interest in SunPower
France’s giant in oil and gas to buy a majority stake in America’s high efficiency solar company.

The Networked Grid: Smart Grid Data and Analytics
The search for the smart grid data analytics killer app

Mega Merger: Exelon and Constellation to Form $52 Billion Utility
A combined total of 34 gigawatts of power

General Electric, Intel Back Scientific Conservation
Separating the winners from the losers in commercial building management