The Emergence of Meter Data Management: A Smart Grid Information White Paper

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The Emergence of Meter Data Management: A Smart Grid Information White Paper

The Meter Data Management (MDM) industry has recently emerged as a key to smart grid rollout in North America. MDM offers the ability to manage, store and employ consumption data, a crucial element of operating the smart grid as well as creating the value-added services that lead to consumer efficiency and economic viability.

The Emergence of Meter Data Management (MDM): A Smart Grid Information White Paper looks at the rapidly evolving MDM market and its in?uence on smart grid vision, goals and objectives. The white paper is derived from GTM Research’s larger MDM report and is being offered here in conjunction with eMeter as a resource for industry professionals.

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Laying the Foundation for the Grid-Tied Smart Inverter of the Future
Sponsored by PV Powered

PV Powered® is an innovation leader for grid-tied PV inverters in the residential, commercial and utility markets, setting new industry standards in reliability and efficiency. Founded in Bend, Oregon in 2003 and recently acquired by Advanced Energy Industries (Nasdaq: AEIS), the company has pioneered the use of advanced reliability engineering to design inverters with a 20+ year operating life.

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Software Should Give You Choice…Not Get You Locked-In
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As you plan your Smart Grid strategy, you need to make sure that you are implementing a platform to handle the data you’re dealing with today – as well as all of the new sources of data that you will have to deal with in the future.

The platform you choose to manage your Smart Grid data information will be key to ensuring that you continue to have open and free choice when it comes to making hardware and applications decisions.

Get access to our report “Software Should Give You Choice…Not Get You Locked-In”. In the report we explore some of the challenges you will face, and strategies to ensure that you maintain flexibility in your infrastructure.

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