The Economics of Sustainability conference

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Economics of SustainabilityOctober 6 – 9, 2014
Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

Praxis Peace Institute presents


What will the Earth look like in 2030, 2050, or 2100? Can we organize economic relationships to honor the carrying capacity of the Earth? Can we implement economic models that respect the Earth and its finite boundaries? The Economics of Sustainability conference is looking 50 years into the future. What sort of world do we want? What sort of world will we leave to our children? How will we mitigate the effects of climate change in a way that honors the Earth and puts people before profit?

Praxis Peace Institute is convening an in-depth exploration of the relationship between Economics and Environmental Sustainability. Conference details, speakers’ bios, and the daily program are available on our website:

Confirmed Speakers include:
Gar Alperovitz, Michael Brune, Ellen Brown, Mark Z. Jacobson, George Lakoff, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Randy Hayes, Andrew Kimbrell, Georgia Kelly, Osprey Orielle Lake, Richard Heinberg, Mark Hertsgaard, Jihan Gearon, David Korten, Janet Redman, Don Shaffer, Nikki Silvestri, Michael Peck (US Mondragón Cooperatives representative), others from Mondragón, Spain. Acclaimed humanitarian and environmental photographer Lisa Kristine is the conference Artist-in-Residence.

Daily programs will include outstanding presentations from economists, scientists, activists, and leaders in the environmental movement. Break-out groups and practical workshops will also be part of the daily fare. An extra day (Oct. 9) has been added to the conference for additional meetings, workshops, and campaigns. These can be organized by participants and organizations at the conference. Praxis Peace Institute has reserved space at Fort Mason specifically for these follow-up gatherings.

The goal of the conference is to launch a platform for systemic change — economically, culturally, politically — and to network organizations for collaborative efforts in that pursuit.


Georgia Kelly, Director
Praxis Peace Institute
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