THE ECONOMICS OF SUSTAINABILITY – Conference Brochure Attached!

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Reforming Global Finance, Beyond GDP

Ethical Markets is proud to  be a co-sponsor of this important conference , Hazel Henderson, Editor


Today’s climate crisis is the leading issue of our time. We have reached the point where we much take system-wide action or risk planetary consequences for all life. The urgency of addressing this issue is the impetus for convening The Economics of Sustainability Conference.


Attached is THE ECONOMICS OF SUSTAINABILITY brochure — and, our e-mail one-page announcement. Please open the pdf brochure as the details are in this attachment. The brochure has the Daily Program, a complete list of Speakers and their bios, topics, registration form, and more. All this is also available on our website:


Please join us for this in-depth exploration of solution-oriented ideas and projects! We have a stellar line up of speakers and workshop facilitators.



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