The Earth is Awash in Solar Energy

kristy Green Prosperity

By: Carl Schoder in THE FUTURIST

The Earth is awash in energy; we just need new infrastructureto tap it. A chemical engineer shows how we could break free of fossil fuels by deploying the power of ammonia and hydrogen.

The prototype Hydrogen Hub electricity system can power a building complex with
anhydrous ammonia fuel. The system captures energy from renewable energy sources and stores it in anhydrous ammonia.

The convenient truth is that the world does not have an energy shortage; it simply lacks an energy infrastructure capable of using the abundant source of solar energy that we receive from the sun every day. The current worldwide demand of about 363 terawatt-hours per day could be met by covering just 0.5% of the world’s land area with silicon solar panels. Doing so, and building out other necessary infrastructure requirements, could meet our energy needs and eliminate dependency on nonrenewable petroleum.

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