“The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity, and Social Movements”

Jay Owen Books and Reviews

Dear Friends of the Earth Charter,

We hope this message finds you well, energized and motivated to continue doing the work you are doing to foster peace, justice, and sustainability. We would like to draw your attention to several books and publications that may help your efforts towards these ends.

First, have a look at “The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity, and Social Movements“.This book offers a variety of perspectives through a collection of 19 chapters written by scholars from universities situated in different parts of the world.  It provides a series of analyses of issues of concern in terms of ecological integrity,  international law for human rights and social movements and it relates them to the Earth Charter.


Another recently published book by Noel Preston titled “Ethics with or without God” is full of relevant Earth Charter references and themes and written from the author’s unique perspective: theological training as a Christian minister, social justice engagement across several decades, combined with an academic career teaching and researching applied ethics in secular universities.


A third recently published book by John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker titled “Ecology and Religion” explains that today’s growing environmental challenges make the relationship between ecology and religion ever more vital. This primer explores the history of religious traditions and the environment, illustrating how religious teachings and practices both promoted and at times subverted sustainability.

Along with these three books, Earth Charter International would also like to make you aware of two free publications, although the author of one has asked for small donations to the Earth Charter if you download her book. The first is a donation by Hazel Henderson, whose book is called “Mapping the global transition to the solar age“. The second is donated by recent new Earth Charter International Affiliate Brigitte van Baren of Inner Sense and is titled “Live the Power of Compassion“. Ms. van Baren is happy to offer this resource for free but also requests that you offer a small donation to Earth Charter International if you can.



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