The Cybernetics of Sustainability: Definition and Underlying Principles

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“We are happy to publish this paper by Michael Ben-Eli who is not only an innovative thinker but also a pragmatic activist in applying his insights in the Negev Desert with a Bedouin Community.” ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor

Michael Ben-Eli

The Sustainability Laboratory, New York

Sustainability: Has the true meaning been lost?

For decades now, increasing numbers of thoughtful observers have called attention to disturbing patterns in the current trajectory of human affairs. Accelerating dramatically since the early days of the industrial revolution, powerful forces in development and technology have brought new promises and opened so many new possibilities for humankind. At the same time, driven largely by the impact of human activities, serious threats have emerged to the integrity of whole ecosystems, to other forms of life and to the future well-being of humanity itself.

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