The Consumption Dilemma: Leverage Points for Accelerating Sustainable Growth

kristy Beyond GDP, Reports You Need

The World Economic Forum’s work on sustainable consumption has gained momentum over the last three years. The issue has moved up the agenda of governments and businesses while acceptance of the need for “sustainable consumption” has become more widespread. Following a strong commitment to sustainable consumption from CEOs at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos-Klosters, this year’s work has moved beyond asking what
the issue is and why it is important to exploring how it can be addressed.

There are plenty of examples of individual success stories on sustainability. These should be celebrated. But, in aggregate, these still do not add up to the change we need. Globally, the pace of change remains too slow to step up the escalating use of natural resources and the rising tide of environmental degradation. In the future, we need strategies which deliver transformative change at the systemic level, with speed and at scale.

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