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THE CLIMATE PROSPERITY ALLIANCE is a global network of financiers, businesses, trade unions, NGOs and economic development agencies now changing the debate on climate.  Instead of wrangling about carbon emission caps and targets, the Climate Prosperity Alliance is turning the economic debate about “costs to the fossil fuel sectors” to the financial savings, returns and benefits to society and the environment of all the private sector investments in wind, solar, renewables and efficient infrastructure in developing countries.  The Alliance is fostering this private sector ramp-up for rapid expansion of the global green economy.  The Climate Prosperity Alliance expects to announce the first $1 trillion of these investments at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in late December.

The Alliance was founded by Dr. Marc Weiss, ceo of Global Urban, with offices in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Prague, San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington, DC,  and is fully supported by ecosoc and other UN agencies.  The Climate Prosperity Alliance’s goals are aligned with the Global Green New Deal backed by 21 UN agencies and the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Our president and editor of Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), Hazel Henderson, has been appointed as Vice Chair of the Climate Prosperity Alliance.  For more information and a list of supporting organizations and leaders, please visit Climate Prosperity at

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