The City and the Common Good – Series recordings now available

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Our series of events, held in conjunction with CCLA, entitled ‘The City and the Common Good: What kind of City do we want?’ has come to an end.  We were delighted with the reception and feedback we received, and the level of press engagement has been very encouraging.  We’re producing a publication based on the series, which will include summaries of the events as well as additional commentary, and this should be ready for printing in September.

In the meantime, I’m very glad to say that all six events in the series were recorded and can be viewed in full on our website:

We also have a few new articles on the website that you might be interested in:

To Find a Common Good, We Need a Common Language – Robert Gordon

Was Something Missing From Under the Dome? – Bishop Peter Selby

What kind of City do we want? – Transcript of talk by James Featherby (full video of this event is also available)

Please do take the time to watch through the events you may have missed, and hopefully those of you who attended are also looking forward to seeing them again!  Any help that you can give in publicising the videos by sending the link to your friends, or promoting them online, would be very much appreciated.  We hope that these recordings will reach as wide an audience as possible in order to help encourage further public debate, and it is the support of our friends and followers that enables that to happen.

We’ve got some great events coming up in the second half of the year, with more details to be announced soon, but until then I hope that you all have a fantastic Summer and thank you for continuing to support the work of St Paul’s Institute.

All the best and kind regards,

Robert Gordon
Manager, St Paul’s Institute