The China Greentech Report 2014: Greener, Smarter, More Productive

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News, Greentech

 August 27, 2014


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Dear Friends of China Greentech:


Today we release The China Greentech Report 2014: Greener, Smarter, More Productive, the fifth in a series that was first launched at the World Economic Forum in 2009. You can download the full Report in now by visiting:


This year’s Report asserts that the severity and duration of the 2013 and 2014 air pollution crises have inspired change in China’s overall approach to cleaner growth, and that the nation is now faced with a profound opportunity to leave behind former models of development and instead carve out a new standard for sustainable development that is greener, smarter and more productive.


The 2014 Report provides insight on the regulatory, financing and technology changes across China’s greentech markets in response to the government’s shifting priorities, and recommends how companies can best capture opportunities while supporting China’s battle against smog.


Key findings from this year’s Report include:

  • Public participation is becoming an increasingly important driver for environmental protection, with access to data playing a decisive role in driving forward pollution reduction efforts
  • The factors and players needed to transform China’s approach to development are currently in place – public awareness is at a height, city officials feel pressure to build cleaner urban centers, and use-friendly tools are allowing wide-scale participation in resource conservation across industries and value chains like never before 
  • China must move beyond its current approach and adopt a greener, smarter and more productive model to development; China Greentech defines “greener” as adopting cleaner energy sources and technologies to reduce emissions; “smarter” as leveraging information systems and Big Data analytics to make informed decisions about resource use and management; and “more productive” as streamlining processes to use resources more efficiently and improve economic performance
  • There is a profound opportunity for leading companies to integrate their products and services to customize replicable solutions for China’s project owners and governments in the areas of industrial efficiency, distributed energy, greener buildings and cleaner mobility

We hope you enjoy reading The China Greentech Report 2014: Greener, Smarter, More Productive and share it with your network, both inside and outside of your organization.


If you are interested in receiving a ready-to-use presentation summarizing the key findings of this year’s Report, please contact [email protected]

If you would like to read a section of the Report in Chinese, you can download the first two Chapters–China Greentech’s Point of View–in Mandarin Chinese here:

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