The case for a “Calibrateable dsFCF”

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A “Smart” Version of the FTT


Derivative contracts can rationally be classified – prospectively, from the perspective of the economy as a whole — as either functional or very likely to be dysfunctional, although “the Street” pretends otherwise. Therefore a charge levied at the writing or exchange of very-likely-to-be-dysfunctional derivative contracts would usefully inhibit dysfunctional trading without throwing the “good functional derivative babies out with the dirty bath water of dysfunctional derivatives”.  Financial instability would be lessened and coherence between financial and real sectors would grow again.  This paper, by a coach to a manager of trading at a major international bank, explains how derivative transactions can be classified: either likely to be functional or very likely to be dysfunctional for the economy as a whole.  It then sketches how such a charge might be calibrated in practice to bring about critical financial reform objectives.

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Angus Cunningham, Principal, Authentix Coaches

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