The Blue Economy – Report to the Club of Rome 100 innovations – presented weekly over 2 years

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The Blue Economy – Report to the Club of Rome
100 innovations – presented weekly over 2 years

Dear Reader,

next February, our weekly presentation of business cases will be running for two years – next summer, we will reach case 100. To celebrate and mark an increased focus on implementation and multiplication, we are planning to the Blue Economy World Conference 2012.

The conference will allow you to meet many of the innovators and entrepreneurs you may have read about in the business cases published weekly by Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli. The conference will offer discussions and insights into topics such as “local development from local resources” and “multiple cash flows through intelligent systems design” – showing the importance and necessity of a sustainable ‘blue’ economy.

We are proud to announce that speakers such as Achim Steiner, executive Director of UNEP, and around 70 of our 100 innovators have earmarked the dates in their diaries and intend to attend our conference. Numerous thought leaders from science, business and politics have proclaimed their strong interest in participating.

The Blue Economy World Conference will be held in the first or second week of September 2012 in Berlin (Germany). More detailed information will be made available in early January 2012 via our newsletter and website. Should you be interested in attending, send us an Email to [email protected] Save the date in your calendar and don’t miss this chance to be a part of the Blue Economy!

While container ships are the cheapest way to transport goods across long distances, at the same time it is the most polluting alternative. Transporting and loading/offloading of the containers uses low grade bunker fuel, releasing 260 times more pollutants into the atmosphere than the whole car fleet of the world. Energy saving options are urgently needed here.

The cranes at container terminals use the same fuel as the cargo ships themselves to lift containers. When lowering them, their energy is led to resistor banks and gets lost. Now, Vatche Artinian, an electric engineer from California, has developed a new kind of motor which by incorporating magnetic levitation technology collects the energy released while lowering the containers to reuse it for the next container.

This new kind of generators is not only useful in container transportation. It can be used as well within the uninterrupted power supply at data centres and servers, for example to replace lead-acid batteries. The magnetic levitation technology at the same times renders the generators free of maintenance and wearout.

Detailed information on the business model and its potential is available at – or as pdf, if you do not wish to register there.

We wish you many inspirations and look forward to jointly changing the way we do business!
Gunter Pauli and the Team of The Blue Economy