The Beginning of the End for ECD Solar?

kristy Greentech

Vermont Electric Cooperative: Pleasing People During Outages
How one utility focused on one problem and ended up doing a whole lot more with smart grid.

The Beginning of the End for ECD Solar?
This is what a solar shakeout looks like. It’s bad for employees and some firms, but good for the industry as a whole—and ECD won’t be the last casualty.

Serious Energy Buys Whole-Building Energy Monitoring With Agilewaves Acquisition
Serious Energy lands quiet building energy startup Agilewaves, which watches energy usage down to circuit levels in commercial and apartment buildings.

Skyline Solar, Low-Concentration PV Firm, Gets Funding and CEC Approval
Adding to the recent action in low-concentration photovoltaics

How Itron Plans to Capture the Smart Grid Big Data Opportunity
Itron partners with IBM, SAP and Teradata to form Active Smart Grid Analytics. Plus, one MDM market myth busted.

Boosting Small Wind Incentives and Cleaning Up Subsidy Abuse
But will the CEC’s clean-up of its Emerging Renewables Program restart the state’s small wind business?

Tres Amigas Raises Money for US Grid Super-Hub
Tres Amigas has raised $3 million of a $15 million round to build a power transmission hub connecting the three main U.S. grids. Only a billion dollars more to go.

China-US Solar Trade War: CASE vs. CASM
A response to SolarWorld from 25 American solar firms. This is going to get ugly.