The BEC Goes Green

kristy Green Prosperity

As part of its Supplier Development Initiative, the Black Economic Council (BEC) has transitioned itself to focus on the development of companies that are capable of providing services in the new green economy. California is leading the way and continues to be a key driver for the rest of the nation in the green movement.
The Black Economic Council understands that California is a launch pad for many companies driving advances in products and services, which enables the United States to transition to clean energy sources. These companies will continue to improve resource efficiencies, reduce pollution and grow the green economy in California and the nation overall.

Historically underserved communities are left behind and the Black Economic Councilhas made a commitment to combat the ‘green divide’ so that we do not have the same situation experienced with the ‘digital divide’. By educating, advocating public policy changes and building strategic partnerships, the Black Economic Council will continue to work to ensure economic inclusion in the green revolution for diverse communities.

The green movement is upon us and it is critical that minority and women-owned businesses come together to focus on high growth sectors by developing businesses focused on green environmental expertise, products and services.

The Black Economic Council is working to encourage and prepare diverse companies for the green economy by helping them understand how the new clean energy economy, as well as state and federal incentives will bring investments for businesses and job opportunities to our nation’s diverse marketplace, specifically in California . Clean energy is the new gold rush and has the ability to boost jobs and drive business development in spite of current economic conditions.

Supporting diversity programs and developing minority and women-owned businesses are critical elements for true inclusion in the green economy. The Black Economic Councilis working to ensure that underserved communities have the opportunity to reap economic benefits and share in the prosperity of the green economy.
Education is the key to capitalizing on the green movement and there are numerous ways businesses can be a part of the clean energy industry. Green focused businesses provide products, training, consulting, maintenance, marketing, sales and more. The Black Economic Councilwill work in the development of woman and minority businesses in all these sectors, as well as be an advocate by directly addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion in the green industry.

The ultimate goal of the ‘BEC GOES GREEN’ program is to support the generation of opportunities for minority and woman-owned businesses and to create green jobs across the nation. By assisting corporations and small businesses address the challenges of diversity and the new green economy, we are supporting the building of a green pipeline for all of our communities.