The Advance of Democratic Energy

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The #1 solar utility – in Iowa?  Check out the latest from our Local Energy Rules podcast, where we interview the general manager of a small cooperative utility that’s setting records for solar per customer, and customer participation in local clean energy. 

Also, I was on KFAI radio in Minneapolis this morning talking about the coming of democratic energy.  Listen to the interview (when it’s up) here.



The Advance of Democratic EnergyListen to this morning’s Truth To Tell program on KFAI radio to hear john farrell discuss how democratic energy can and is transforming our electricity system.  The interview will be up shortly.


Improvements Needed to Xcel’s Proposed MN Community Solar Program

Xcel Energy has published their proposed community solar program on Sept. 30, 2013 and ILSR submitted comments on the unlawfully capped and fee-crazy program last week. Comments below Public Comments on Community Solar (Docket E-002/M-13-867) Program Design Requirements Does Xcel’s proposed plan for operating a community solar garden (CSG) meet all the program design requirements,…


Jim Farrell

Sticking Points on Value of Solar – Pt. 3 of Minnesota’s Process

Round 3 of Minnesota’s stakeholder process on the value of solar power (10/15/13) focused on the remaining unresolved tensions between stakeholders, and it started with a reminder of the charge, with quotes from the enabling law. A utility may apply to the Public Utilities Commission for a value of solar tariff that compensates customers through…


The #1 Solar Utility is in…Iowa? – Episode 12 of Local Energy Rules

It may be one of the oldest cooperative utilities in the country, but in the next six months, Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC) of southeastern Iowa will be leading the nation in this 21st century energy source. Upon completion of a new solar array, the 640-member cooperative will have over 1,500 Watts of solar per customer…



A Once-in-a-Generation Chance to Achieve a City’s Energy Goals – Episode 11 of Local Energy Rules“We have this once-in-a-generation negotiation coming up next year and it’s a chance for Minneapolis to explore what its energy choices might be and how it could achieve its energy goals.” Earlier this week, the Minneapolis city council got an early look at an important “pathways study,” outlining the legal and policy strategies the city…


Democratic Energy on Tour

Staff from the Democratic Energy initiative (me) speak at events around the country. Check out the upcoming and past events on ILSR’s speakers page, or see if you’re on the list below:

February 1, 2014 – Kansas City, MO
john farrell is a special guest speaker at theMissouri Solar Energy Industries Association annual conference.

January 18, 2014 – Northfield, MN
John Farrell will participate in a city-wide Climate Summit.

November 8, 2013 – Decorah, IA
John Farrell presented to the opening plenary session the 5th Conference of the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability at Luther College, speaking about the intersection of campus sustainability and the shift toward communities taking control of their energy future.  View the presentation and read the remarks.

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