Teaching and Researching Peace

kristy Beyond GDP

7th September 2012

Dear Friends and Subscribers,
We are delighted to share an update on the latest peace education materials and events from the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Call for Submissions: Inaugural “Peace Metrics, Peace Economics, and the Role of Business” Conference

The Institute for Economics and Peace and American University’s Kogod School of Business are hosting the inaugural conference on “Peace Metrics, Peace Economics, and the Role of Business,” at American University in Washington, D.C. on April 5-6, 2013.

This multi-disciplinary conference will focus on analysing conceptual frameworks for measuring peace, understanding the determinants of peace, describing the economic benefits of a more peaceful society and identifying the relationship between business and peace.

Graduate students are invited to submit by December 14, 2012. For more information and to register visit: www.economicsandpeace.org/education/conference

Lesson Plans and Resources
The Building Blocks of Peace, a series of free teaching modules, has just been updated with the latest data and rankings from the 2012 Global Peace Index.

Download the Building Blocks of Peace

These resources offer an innovative perspective to the issues surrounding peace and conflict at the local, regional, and global levels. Downloadable in PDF format, the modules come complete with teacher notes, lesson plans, student handouts, assessment suggestions, extension activities, and visualisations. Topics include understanding peace; peace and sustainability; education and peace; and economics and peace.

The step-by-step lesson plans are designed for 14-16 year old students, and include guides to the U.S. National Council for Social Studies Thematic Strands.

Upcoming Report: Calculating the U.S. Violence Containment Industry

Later this month, on the occasion of International Peace Day, the Institute for Economics and Peace will release a new report that details the cost of violence containment in the United States. If you are interested in this report and would like to have a copy sent directly to you, please contact us at [email protected] and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.