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“Connecting the Dots”

At TBLI conference USA 2014, attendees are invited to choose from 16 sessions, divided into three ‘Tracks’: ESGImpact Investing and Sector-specific Analysis. Those seeking an introduction to global developments and state-of-the-art in the sector, will find a set of workshops on “Trends”.

The program opens with plenary sessions on “Trends in Impact Investing – going mainstream?” and “Investing in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure”. Further workshops around ESG integration and risk management address topics such as esg materiality/metrics, fixed income markets, shareholder activism, supply chain risks and climate change. How to structure impact investing across asset classes, learning from deals gone south, BoP-market investments or philanthropy investing are sessions mainly addressing impact investors.

In addition, four sector-specific workshops put the focus on the sustainability performance, opportunities and challenges around renewable energies, food production, health and luxury.

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