Global Financial Integrity: Income Inequality, Wealth, And Illicit Financial Flows In Asia

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Other News: Edward Snowden and Financial Speculation Taxes

Jay OwenReforming Global Finance

     Edward Snowden and Financial Speculation Taxes   Dean Baker* – The Huffington Post   In the last few weeks Edward Snowden has been holed in Moscow’s airport trying to negotiate terms of asylum with various countries around the world. Thus far it doesn’t seem that Snowden has been …

Support builds for proposed NLRB rule

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 22, 2011 CONTACT: Zoe Bridges-Curry (202) 822-2127 [email protected] HOW IT’S PLAYING: CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS, FORMER NLRB MEMBERS, ADVOCATES, AND FAITH GROUPS APPLAUD PROPOSED NLRB RULE CHANGES Washington, DC — Congressional leaders, advocacy organizations, faith groups, and former National Labor Relations Board members joined labor unions and workers’ …