An All Local Grocery Store and Deli plus an Education and Distribution Hub

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Greeti Greetings! Since Blessing the Hands that Feed Us came out in January, I’ve gone from author to activist with a passion for restoring regional food systems so we-the-eaters can have more fresh, local food and our food producers can have more fresh money in their pockets. Especially exciting is …

Un Trade Report: Rise In Natural Resources Prices Appears To Be

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UN TRADE REPORT: RISE IN NATURAL RESOURCES PRICES APPEARS TO BE HURTING POOR NATIONS New York, Apr 23 2012 3:05PM A sustained rise in prices for raw natural resources and basic agricultural goods is defying long-standing patterns and appears to be hurting poor nations through rising food and fuel costs …

Follow the Food

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FOLLOW THE FOOD Impact investors seek to scale the supply of fresh food and build a regional food system GREEN ACRES (FOLLOW THE FOOD–PART 2) Impact investors are supporting operating loans for organic farmers and food hubs