GTS Mid-year Update August 2013

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For immediate release Green Transition Scoreboard® Shows Dramatic Mid-year Surge August 30, 2013, St. Augustine, FL –The Green Transition Scoreboard® tally jumped from $4.1 trillion reported in February to $5.2 trillion as of July 2013. The Green Transition Scoreboard® tracks private investments, since 2007, in creating cleaner, greener economies globally. …


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INVESTORS FACING A CARBON BUBBLE SHOULD SHIFT TO GREEN INVESTMENTS – Institutional Investors Gambling On Carbon Reserves As Stranded Assets in the Transition Underway to Low-Carbon Green Economies.  “This is why Ethical Markets  GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD®  urges pension funds to shift  their assets to green sectors, which now total  $4.1 …

Green Transition Scoreboard® Finds Over $4.1 T in Private Green Investments

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St. Augustine, FL, March 4, 2013 –  The year 2013 promises long strides away from the fossil-fueled Industrial Era as illuminated by the Ethical Markets Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) which tracks private investments growing the green economy worldwide since 2007, finding $4.1 trillion invested or committed as of Q4 2012. …

A New Purpose for an Old Metric: The Green Transition Scoreboard

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September 27, 2012— Countries tout GDP; shareholders track return on investment. Money-denominated metrics are intuitively (if incorrectly) understood. Money is information, even as we have progressed beyond money as the only measure of success. Ethical Markets Media follows Beyond GDP indicators such as the UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) and …

Green Transition Scoreboard August 2012 Update

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Download the report (PDF). Prepared by Timothy Jack Nash and Ethical Markets Media Research Team Since 2007, the Green Transition Scoreboard® has tracked private investments in creating cleaner, greener economies globally. If we continue to invest at least $1 trillion per year until 2020, we will be leaving the fossil fueled industrial era and entering a new solar age based on principles of equity, sustainability, and biomimicry. This green transition is happening at an extraordinary rate, accelerated by international agreements in 2012 by the G-20, Rio+20, OECD, UNDP and the United Nations General Assembly. This supplement to the February 2012 report focuses on investments that companies are making in green research and development (R&D).  

Green Transition Scoreboard August 2012 Press Release

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For Immediate Release ethical markets Media (USA and Brazil) PO Box 5190, St. Augustine, FL  32085 [email protected] phone 904.829.3140 PRIVATE R&D DRIVING GROWTH OF GLOBAL GREEN ECONOMY St. Augustine, FL, August 29, 2012 —  As of July 2012, $3.6 trillion has been privately invested in a greener, global economy, since …

How Much Will it Cost to Save Our Economy’s Foundation?

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We at Ethical Markets see these totals of $110 billion per year Earth Policy Institute estimates needed to restore our ecological assets on which our human survival depends, as the best investment we can make in our common future. The money currently being hoarded by corporations and wasted in inappropriate …

Overview from Green Transition Scoreboard® 2012: From Expanding Cleantech Sectors To Emerging Trends In Biomimicry

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In Q3 2011, the Green Transition Scoreboard® totaled private investments in green sectors since 2007 worldwide at $2.4 trillion. Our new total of $3,306,051,439,680 confirms our view that this transition is on track to reach the $10 trillion we project by 2020. Click to read more (PDF)