Reader Supported News: Iceland Proposes Citizenship for Snowden

Jay Owen Global Citizen

“ We at Ethical Markets  salute those in Iceland’s Parliament for this initiative .  Mr.  Snowden  has created an important debate which is needed in the world . This  should be the focus  of media attention going forward .  If Mr. Snowden is brought back to the USA  the ensuing …

Positive Money: How about something truly radical?

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance


A Bonding Experience

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News

Bond risk Our thinking about the role of future environmental politics on capital markets has extended to another asset class – fixed income. Carbon Tracker recently collaborated with global credit-ratings agency Standard & Poors to publish ‘What a carbon-constrained future could mean for oil companies’ creditworthiness’.  This report assesses the …

McKibben, The Case for Fossil-Fuel Divestment

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

The Case for Fossil-Fuel Divestment On the road with the new generation of college activists fighting for the environment by: Bill McKibben, RollingStone, Feb. 22, 2013 It’s obvious how this should end. You’ve got the richest industry on earth, fossil fuel, up against some college kids, some professors, a few …

1 Canadian Index of Wellbeing 2011 Update Report for the CIW International Advisory Network

kristy Beyond GDP

Ethical Markets Media congratulates the Canadian Index of Wellbeing for its well-researched approach, as many nations now follow their lead in going Beyond GDP!    Hazel Henderson, Editor, and member CIW International Advisory Board  1 Canadian Index of Wellbeing 2011 Update Report for the CIW International Advisory Network 1. Summary This …

Is S&P’s Deficit Warning On Target?

kristy Reforming Global Finance

An article from The Baseline Scenario Posted: 21 Apr 2011 05:26 AM PDT By Simon Johnson On Monday Standard & Poor’s announced that its credit rating for the United States was “affirmed” at AAA (the highest level possible), but that it was revising the outlook for this rating to “negative” …