Show Me the Money: Sustainability and Financial Outperformance

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  February 16, 2015 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Carbon Onsetting: A Robust Complement to — or Replacement for — Offsetting Internal carbon fees are becoming increasingly popular with companies as varied as Shell, Microsoft and Disney. But rather than use some or all of these funds to buy carbon offsets, a new …

An All Local Grocery Store and Deli plus an Education and Distribution Hub

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Greeti Greetings! Since Blessing the Hands that Feed Us came out in January, I’ve gone from author to activist with a passion for restoring regional food systems so we-the-eaters can have more fresh, local food and our food producers can have more fresh money in their pockets. Especially exciting is …

2014 EthicMark® Awards Finalist Announced

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For Immediate Release 2014 EthicMark® Awards Finalist Announced Saint Augustine, FL – August 13, 2014 — Ethical Markets Media and the World Business Academy announce the finalist for the 2014 EthicMark® Awards for ads and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.” Nominations were open to campaigns representing …

Brad Katsuyama on Conflicts of Interest, Investor Loss of Confidence, and High Speed Trading in U.S. Stock Markets

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Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs by Bradley Katsuyama, President and CEO, IEX Group, Inc.   EXCERPT   Committee Ask: Address conflicts of interest affecting brokers charged with seeking best execution of customer orders, including conflicts posed by …

ScienceDaily: Top Environment News: What evolved first, a dexterous hand or an agile foot?

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ScienceDaily: Top Environment News   What evolved first, a dexterous hand or an agile foot? Posted: 06 Oct 2013 05:41 PM PDT Resolving a long-standing mystery in human evolution, new research indicates that early hominids developed finger dexterity and tool use ability before the development of bipedal locomotion. Salt-tolerant bacteria …

Metrics that Matter: Leading Companies Know How to Measure Employee Engagement

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October 1, 2013 1:00-2:00pm EST Lindsay Garcia Sustainability & Public Affairs Manager Caesars Entertainment Eric Johnson Senior Sustainability Engineer Sony Electronics   Susan Hunt Stevens Founder/CEO Practically Green John Davies Vice President and Senior Analyst  GreenBiz Group  

The Cybernetics of Sustainability: Definition and Underlying Principles

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“We are happy to publish this paper by Michael Ben-Eli who is not only an innovative thinker but also a pragmatic activist in applying his insights in the Negev Desert with a Bedouin Community.” ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor Michael Ben-Eli The Sustainability Laboratory, New York Sustainability: Has the true meaning …

Carbon Disclosure Project joins international Climate Bonds Standards Board

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An article from Climate Bonds Posted on 21. Apr, 2011 by Sean Kidney in blog Climate Bonds Initiative Chair Sean Kidney announced in London today that the Carbon Disclosure Project is joining the Climate Bond Standards Board, supervising a program to provide investors and governments with an easy way to …

Premier US Environment NGO Joins Climate Bonds Standards Project

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Posted on 19. Feb, 2011 by Sean Kidney in blog Speaking at a State Street Global Advisors Green Bonds Summit in Boston, Climate Bonds Initiative Chair Sean Kidney announced that the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) had joined the Governing Authority of the Climate Bonds Certification and Standards Scheme. The …