UNEP GEO Bulletin – Vol. 182 No. 3 – UN Environment Programme Fifth Global Environment Outlook Europe Consultation – Final Summary

kristy Earth Systems Science

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Regional Consultation for Europe took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 23-24 September 2010. The regional consultation brought together 53 participants representing a range of stakeholders, including UN agencies, government departments, research and academic institutions, the private sector and press from Europe.

ESG Investment Strategies: Have you got your money on the right horse?

Ethical Markets Global Citizen

Growing environmental challenges and informed customer choice to have a material impact in the response of businesses and the future of financial risk analysis – says Forum for the Future. In a recent interview with Finance IQ, Alice Chapple, Director for Sustainable Financial Markets at the Forum for the Future, …