LIVE Community Power Project Being Organized In Australia (Solar)

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LIVE Community Power Project Being Organized In Australia (Solar)Posted: 06 Dec 2012 12:22 PM PST The roof of the South Melbourne Market building was recently renovated, and the LIVE Community Power project intends to attract investors to install 3,000 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.   South Melbourne Market The LIVE …

National Algae Association – Call for Presentations

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Home of the Algaepreneur “CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS” Algae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies and Networking Workshop January 30, 2012 Los Angeles, California When American algae producers, harvesting, extraction technologies, researchers, equipment,and engineering companies who agree that algae is one solution to help get the US off of foreign oil join …

Cloud Computing and Sustainability

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Are there environmental benefits of moving to the cloud?  The cloud’s unprecedented economies of scale reduce overall cost and increase efficiencies, especially when replacing an organization’s locally operated on-premise servers.  This report from Accenture and WSP examines whether the advantage also translates to environmental benefits. Download the report here.

We are Proud to Recommend The Blue Economy by Dr. Gunter Pauli, a member of Ethical Markets distinguished Advisory Board. – Hazel Henderson, Ed.

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THE BLUE ECONOMY By Gunter Pauli  (*) TOKYO, Jun (IPS)  The world is in need of a new economic model. Who doubts this while the debate on climate change decelerates and the temperature of the earth rises, along with unemployment and poverty levels. We have to search for solutions beyond …

A Smart Investment in SMEs

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Insights from Ethical Markets  Correspondent, Tim Nash at the G-20 – Ed. The big debate at the G20 so far seems to be a conflict of opinion about fiscal policy.  On the one hand, you have countries who are worried that government deficits are creating debt overloads that are swarming …