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Update – February 2011

Rate the Raters, Phase 3
Today SustainAbility releases phase three in our four-part research initiative Rate the Raters.

Corporate sustainability ratings are going mainstream, but how they work in practice remains somewhat of a mystery. Our phase three research sheds light on this important area through an in-depth evaluation of 21 ratings.

The review reveals many examples of good practice, but also highlights a number of areas in need of attention. For example:
Simple is Beautiful – Ratings are becoming more complex as raters attempt to stand out from the crowd, but simplicity is more likely to engender understanding, instil trust and accelerate adoption.
Focus on the Future – Too many ratings focus on companies’ current or past performance. To stay relevant raters must look for innovative ways to identify companies best placed to deliver future sustainable value.
For further insights see today’s featured article on the Guardian Sustainable Business blog:
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For more detail on our key findings and examples of good practice:
Watch our video briefing | Download phase three white paper
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