Sustainability in Emerging Markets: Trends and Case Studies

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Inrate is pleased to invite you to the Sustainability Breakfast in Zurich. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 7, and will take up the topic “Emerging Markets”.

By the end of November, Eurosif, the European Sustainable Investment Forum, is going to publish a report on sustainable investments in Emerging Markets together with Inrate. Eurosif is regularly publishing sector and theme reports that are aimed at helping the policy makers, asset managers, companies, as well as pension fund trustees understand risks that lie outside the realms of traditional financial analysis, but may influence investments. For the collaboration, Eurosif partners with a research organisation within the affiliate membership that had demonstrated expertise for the particular sector.

The report provides an overview on sustainability trends in Emerging Markets and describes Environmental, Social and Governance risks and opportunities for investors seeking long-term returns in such regions. On the occasion of the Sustainability Breakfast, Philippe Spicher, CEO of Inrate, will present you the most important findings of the report.

Furthermore, Ari Borg, General Manager of Fibria, will talk about the chances and challenges that companies in Emerging Markets face on a daily basis. Fibria is a Brazilian stock-quoted company involved in the cultivation of forests in order to generate wealth and economic growth, promote human social development and ensure that the environment is protected.

Finally, Dr. Gerhard Wagner, Senior Portfolio manager at Swisscanto, will provide insights on emerging markets from a fund manager perspective and particularly on how to combine financial and sustainability aspects to bring economic, ecological and social benefit in these countries for the long term.


Philippe Spicher, CEO, Inrate
Ari Borg, General Manager, Fibria Switzerland
Dr. Gerhard Wagner, Senior Portfolio Manager, Swisscanto
Moderator: Sophie Rahm, Head of research, European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif)

Time and venue:

Widder Hotel Zurich
Door-opening 7.45 a.m., closing 10.15 a.m.
You will find the complete event program and registration form here.

We are looking forward to you participation.

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