Surprised by Asset Managers’ Passion For ESG

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By Peter Lynch, November 2013

EMM Green Transition Scoreboard® Advisor, Wall Street Security Analyst

 “Ethical Markets is proud to welcome veteran solar energy investor PETER LYNCH to our Advisory Board.  Peter attended the Responsible Investor meeting ESG in the Asset Manager Selection Process, in New York City, October 18th.  We at Ethical Markets Media are happy that Mr. Lynch could represent us and meet many of our colleagues.  His commentary follows.”  ~Hazel Henderson, Editor

I recently attended ESG in the Asset Manager Selection Process in New York City, October 18, 2013, sponsored by

The new york city conference was amazing.  It was really the first conference I had been to regarding esg and sustainable investing.  I have been involved in the industry for over 35 years, but focused on financing start-ups, on technology and on keeping up with the companies which have the greatest chance of producing a truly disruptive technology.

What amazed me was the number of dedicated professionals from all over the world that had so much passion for “doing the right thing” and pushing sustainable investing to the forefront.  The event included representatives from UN-PRI, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment of which ethical markets is a signatory.

It really gave me hope that we are making progress. At times, when you are immersed in the labs and with the scientists, you lose sight of other areas.

I was truly gratified to see the size of the interest and the speed at which it seems to be growing. The investing world is surely changing and it is up to all of us to make sure it continues and accelerates.



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