Successful examples of corporate social responsibility highlighted in business event

kristy SRI/ESG News

May 26, 2011 – News Releases
Successful examples of corporate social responsibility highlighted in business event

More than 800 entrepreneurs and international experts participated in the second day of the CSRAméricas conference

ASUNCION, Paraguay ? Presentations of successful examples of corporate social responsibility in the region as well as a large number of business meetings among entrepreneurs from 35 countries marked yesterday?s sessions of the VIII Inter-American Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The conference is organized by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Ministry of Finance of Paraguay, and the Association of Christian Entrepreneurs (ADEC). Paraguayan and international media have given the conference extensive coverage.

Yesterday?s events featured a plenary session on ?Branding for Development,? which was moderated by Julie Katzman, IDB Executive Vice-President. Participating were Joelle Adler, CEO of Diesel Canada; Tony Pigott, Global Director of EthosJWT and co-founder of the Brandaid Project, Canada; and Juan Iramain, Vice-President for Public Relations and Communications, Latin Center Business Unit, The Coca Cola Company, Argentina.

Presenters discussed how consumer brands can use their market presence and knowledge, as well as their competitive skills and distribution networks, to transfer technology and generate development impact for communities, businesses, and people in developing countries.

Following were three simultaneous panels on the themes “Small Business, Big Impact,” “Value Chain Solutions,? and Carbon Reduction Strategies: Benefits and Opportunities.”

Three parallel panels held in the afternoon addressed “Recycling for Social and Economic Inclusion,? ?The Private Sector as a Driver for Innovation in Education,? and ?Investing in Clean Technologies and Environmentally Responsible Companies.?

The conference is divided into three main themes: business solutions for social challenges, responsible solutions for business challenges; and a business approach to climate change.

The conference sessions, which are being held in the Convention Center of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), will continue through this evening. Participating in the closing session will be Fernando Lugo, president of Paraguay, and Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Before the closing, President Moreno will sign cooperation agreements with Mobile Cash Paraguay S.A. and Fundación Avina; and a loan operation with the Cooperativa de Producción Agroindustrial Manduvira Ltda.