Study Finds Increased Profits for Companies Embracing Sustainability

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February 11, 2013      


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Truvia Cuts GHG Emissions 35%


Truvia Cuts GHG Emissions 35% In Less Than Two Years 
Truvia, a global producer of calorie-free sweeteners, won carbon footprint certification last month within two years of initiating its sustainability program in 2011. The company plans to reduce waste by 50 percent across its supply chain by 2015 in efforts to become zero waste by 2020.
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Obama Appoints REI CEO Sally Jewell as Next Secretary of the Interior
Last week President Obama announced his nomination of business executive and nature enthusiast Sally Jewell to join his cabinet as the next Secretary of the Interior. Traditionally, Interior Secretaries have either leaned towards favoring business or protecting the environment — but many hope Jewell will be the first to unite the two.
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Study Finds Increased Profits for Companies Embracing Sustainability
A new study, The Innovation Bottom Line, which is based on a survey of 2,600 executives and managers from companies around the world, found that nearly half of respondents said their companies had changed their business model as a result of sustainability opportunities, a 20 percent jump over the previous year.
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McDonalds, GE, BoA Embrace Mapping Tool To Manage Water Risk
Last week the WRI launched a new online tool that uses current, high-resolution data to map water risk worldwide. The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas is intended to help companies, investors and governments gauge how water stress will affect operations locally and globally, allowing them to prioritize investments to increase water security.
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Greenhouse Gas Regulations: Reframing Risk Management as Opportunity Realization
Many companies are beginning to develop internal departments and strategies to manage the risk of impending climate regulation. Looking at emissions reductions solely from a risk-management perspective, however, can cost companies the opportunity to realize additional business value from their investments.
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