Strategically Aware Investing (SAI) concept takes off

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News


STRICT EMBARGO 0000hrs (GMT) 3 December 2013

Strategically Aware Investing (SAI) concept takes off

New asset manager to have sharp emerging markets focus

L?????, ? D??????? ???? — A new London-based asset manager launched yesterday will include a strong BRICs and emerging markets focus as part of its Strategically Aware Investing (SAI) approach.

The dynamic brics markets, notably Brazil, china and south africa initially, will be a notable focus for the new UK company, Inflection Point Capital Management (IPCM), a joint venture between one of Europe’s leading asset managers, La Franc?aise and IPCM of Canada. (For a full background on the new company see the accompanying briefing document).

Under the agreement, London based IPCM will apply its ground-breaking SAI philosophy to advise around $1 billion.

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