A Present for Todays Climate – Treedom innovates with GPS Tracking of Trees as gifts for up to 10 years

Jay Owen Global Citizen

  • In many countries, deforestation as we know is leading to worsening climate impacts
  • It’s time to engage people this Christmas around Natural Climate Solutions and now they can help with this innovative tree planting social enterprise that uses GPS co-ordinates to track someones purchase for upto 10 years.
  • As emissions rise air quality is deteriorating globally, with greater pollution in cities and urban areas. The single biggest thing every individual can do to make a difference is to plant more trees rather than consuming more resources.

Kiambu County, Kenya. October 24, 2018. The Treedom tree nursery. Sarah Kihara, 46. Has been grafting for Treedom for 1.5 years, and can graft 200-250 trees per day.
“I like agriculture, I love trees.” “Fruit trees — if we give them to the farmers, it’s like we are giving them food.”
“One day, I’d like to be a good farmer, planting lots of trees.”

There are a world of reasons
to gift a tree