Storebrand reduces carbon exposure in investments – 19 companies excluded

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We at Ethical Markets  applaud Storebrand for this leadership  and hope they will shift these assets to growing the green economy globally ! – Hazel Henderson , Editor

After the latest sustainability analysis of the Energy sector, Storebrand has excluded 13 coal and 6 oil sands companies from all investments.

– The aim of these exclusions is to reduce Storebrand’s exposure to fossil fuels and to secure long term, stable returns for our clients says Christine Tørklep Meisingset, Head of Sustainable Investments at Storebrand.

– If global ambitions to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius become a reality, many fossil fuel resources will become unburnable and their financial value will be dramatically reduced. Exposure to fossil fuels is one of the main sustainability challenges facing business, so for us it is a logical and necessary step to adjust our investments accordingly, continues Meisingset.

Storebrand and SPP (Sweden) employs one of Scandinavia’s most experienced Sustainability teams, and works systematically to ensure the companies they invest in are well positioned for tomorrow’s sustainability challenges.

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